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Goldon Beach Bodrum

Depending on how long you are planning to stay and what you want to do with the rest of your time in Bodrum we have a really nice hotel option which is literally at crawling distance from the wedding venue 😉 We talked to the manager and got a nice price for our wedding guests.

Golden Beach Bodrum is an all-inclusive hotel and we got the following prices: (prices are written in Turkish Lira)

Double rooms;  ₺150,- per night, per person > Total of ₺300,- per night
Single rooms; ₺230,- per night
Kids 0-6 years are for free
Kids from 6-12 are 50% in price per night

To make a reservation at this hotel you can contact the manager or tell one of us and we will pass it on. Make sure to say that you are a guest at the wedding on 17th of October at Kadir Reis’in Yeri. When you make a reservation yourself, please also let us know!

Managers contact info:
Ahmet Güngör
0090 0534 854 25 95
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Need a place to stay?
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