Together with our wedding venue Kadir Reis’in Yeri we decided on the menu of our wedding and are excited to share it with you!

Since our wedding will be held in a fish and rakı place there will be the typical tapas style appetizers besides the main menu called ‘mezeler’.

Our menu

– Cheese
– Melon
– Kyopolou (Köpoğlu)
– Fava bean dip
– Yogurt with courgette and walnuts
– Muhammara
– Green olives

Salad: Mixed seasonal salad

– Cigar shaped börek (vegetarian)
– Fried calamari
– Shrimp in butter

Main meal: (Please pick this through our RSVP form!)
– Fish (Perch)
– Meatballs
– Chicken skewer
– Vegetarian; Mixed greens in yogurt
Including spinach, leek, chard, nettle and beet greens

– Irmik dessert
– Mixed fruit plate

Drinks: (Please pick through our RSVP form!)
– Alcohol free drinks
– Wine
– Beer
– Rakı

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